Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Marcus said about Queen

These Flowers

Celebrate the Life, the Passing, the Memories;
Not just of Queenie
But all that She was part of, Family
And the Cleaving of such,
And finally
The loss that Forms the Foundation
Of New Life, New Love, New Promises
And eventually Hope

These Flowers
Portraying the Hope and Love,
The new Promises of Life;
Are part of You
While finding your Wholeness
The Petals Flush, the Essence Potent
And the stems thorny.
The Memories, Bittersweet

These Flowers
Eventually Marking our Resting Place
Life Lived Well,
Finally shedding our Efforts and
Turning it over,
Having known the Promises of
Life, Love and Hope.

Queenie, a life lived well.

Marcus, July 24, 2015